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Press Release April 30, 2013


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Delegate Members attending the First Constitutional Convention*


  1. Abraham Baldwin (1754-1807), delegate from Georgia.

  2. Richard Bassett (1745-1815), delegate from Delaware.

  3. Gunning Bedford, Jr. (1747-1812), delegate from Delaware.

  4. John Blair (1732-1800), delegate from Virginia.

  5. William Blount (1749-1800), delegate from Virginia.

  6. David Bearley (1745-1790), delegate from New Jersey.

  7. Jacob Broom (1752-1810), delegate from South Carolina.

  8. Daniel Carroll (1730-1796), delegate from Maryland.

  9. George Clymer (1739-1813), delegate from Pennsylvania.

  10. William Davie (1756-1820), delegate from North Carolina.

  11. Jonathan Dayton (1760-1824), delegate from New Jersey.

  12. John Dickinson (1733-1808), delegate from Delaware.

  13. Oliver Ellsworth (1745-1807), delegate from Connecticut.

  14. William Few (1748-1828), delegate from Georgia.

  15. Thomas Fitzsimons (1741-1811), delegate from Pennsylvania.

  16. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), delegate from Pennsylvania.

  17. Elbridge Gerry (1744-1814), delegate from Massachusetts.

  18. Nicholas Gilman (1755-1814), delegate from New Hampshire.

  19. Nathaniel Gorham (1749-1796), delegate from Massachusetts.

  20. Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804), delegate from New York.

  21. William Churchill Houston (1746-1788), delegate from New Jersey.

  22. William Houstoun (1755-1813), delegate from Georgia.

  23. Jared Ingersoll (1749-1822), delegate from Pennsylvania.

  24. Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer (1723-1790), delegate from Maryland.

  25. William Samuel Johnson (1727-1819), delegate from Connecticut.

  26. Rufus King (1755-1827), delegate from Massachusetts.

  27. John Langdon (1741-1819), delegate from New Hampshire.

  28. John Lansing, Jr. (1754-1829), delegate from New York.

  29. William Livingston (1723-1790), delegate from New Jersey.

  30. James Madison (1751-1836), delegate from Virginia. 

  31. Alexander Martin (1740-1807), delegate from North Carolina.

  32. Luther Martin (1744-1826), delegate from Maryland.

  33. George Mason (1725-1792), delegate from Virginia.

  34. James McClurg (1746-1823), delegate from Virginia.

  35. James McHenry (1753-1816), delegate from Maryland.

  36. John Francis Mercer (1759-1821), delegate from Maryland.

  37. Gouverneur Morris (1752-1816), delegate from Pennsylvania.

  38. Robert Morris (1734-1806), delegate from Pennsylvania.

  39. William Paterson (1745-1806), delegate from New Jersey.

  40. Major William Pierce (1740-1789), delegate from Georgia.

  41. Charles Pinckney (1757-1824), delegate from South Carolina.

  42. Charles C. Pickney (1746-1825), delegate from South Carolina.

  43. Edmund Randolph (1753-1813), delegate from Virginia.

  44. George Read (1733-1798), delegate from Delaware.

  45. John Rutledge (1739-1800), delegate from South Carolina.

  46. Roger Sherman (1721-1793), delegate from Connecticut.

  47. Richards Dobbs Spaight (1758-1802), delegate from North Carolina.

  48. Caleb Strong (1745-1819), delegate from Massachusetts.

  49. George Washington (1732-1799), delegate from Virginia.

  50. Dr. Hugh Williamson (1735-1819), delegate from North Carolina.

  51. James Wilson (1742-1798), delegate from Pennsylvania.

  52. George Wythe (1726-1806), delegate from Virginia.

  53. Robert Yates (1738-1801), delegate from New York.



*Excerpts from The Making of America: The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution by W. Cleon Skousen 1985

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Article V Analysis From the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution


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