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Press Release April 30, 2013


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The Madison Amendment Strategy 

 & CITIZEN INITIATIVES "Single Issue" Amendment Strategy




Citizen Initiatives endorses the Madison Amendment Strategy as presented in this document calling for State Resolutions that prevent Run Away Conventions for Single Issue Pre-Drafted Amendments.   Each of Citizen Initiativesí Single Issue or Limited Amendments recognizes that the States alone control the terms, conditions, agenda and purposes of a Convention convened under Article V and that a pre-drafted Amendment requires the Delegates at the Convention to decide only one issue, should the proposed Amendment be sent to the States for ratification?  The Delegates have no authority to introduce or discuss any other subject or issue.  The Madison Amendment Strategy and Citizen Initiativesí Single Issue or Limited Amendments establish, through State Delegate Resolutions, the fact that Delegates are Ambassadors of their States, they are not independent agents as some have erroneously argued.  


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